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Customized Oil Formulations

Under the tradename Evoil™ we offer a broad range of formulated vegetable oils in which the basic properties of the oils have been optimized in order to achieve greater functionality and stability.

The Evoil™ range includes the line of Evoil™ Basics – vegetable oils with equivalent properties of a specific plant – as well as the line of Evoil™ Actives – customized oils with a specific composition of active ingredients with proven efficacy – and the line of Evoil™ Spa – essential oil-enriched formulations for massage and aromatherapy.

Evoil™ Basics

Evoil Basic - Customized Oils for Cosmetics

Evoil™ Basics have been developed to reproduce the classic fatty acid composition of each specific plant or vegetable oil without sacrificing any of its intrinsic beneficial qualities. The physical characteristics have been carefully designed to create a product with minimal color and odor.

The result is a reliable and superior product at a significantly reduced cost.

Evoil™ Almond
Evoil™ Palm
Evoil™ Peach Kernel
Evoil™ Pomace
Evoil™ Peanut
Evoil™ Pomegranate
Evoil™ Pumpkin
Evoil™ Rapeseed
Evoil™ Safflower
Evoil™ Seabuckthorn
Evoil™ Sesame
Evoil™ Soybean
Evoil™ Squalane
Evoil™ Sunflower
Evoil™ Walnut
Evoil™ Wheat Germ
Evoil™ Zea Mays

Evoil™ Actives

Evoil Actives - Customized Oils for Cosmetics

Evoil™ Actives is a special line of formulated oils for better cosmetics, specially aimed for a functionality, thus constituting the most fitted lipidic phase for their respective final cosmetic application.

Evoil™ Antiage Skin
Evoil™ Ast
Evoil™ Body
Evoil™ Dermacare
Evoil™ Face
Evoil™ Hair
Evoil™ JJB Sensation
Evoil™ Restore
Evoil™ Skin Perfect
Evoil™ Velvet
Evoil™ Hydracare Lightening
Evoil™ Silky Skin
Evoil™ Caress
Evoil™ Gent
Evoil™ Keratolisse

Evoil™ Spa

Evoil SPA - Customized Oils for Cosmetics

Evoil™ Spa is the unique line of formulations based on aromatic essential oils, intended for massage and aromatherapy, to promote skin health and wellness. They are enriched with other vegetable lipids and phytosterols that provide a synergetic effect, empowering qualities of the original essential oil. The overall qualitative and quantitative formulation makes the product non-irritant and suitable for direct use on skin.

Evoil™ Spa Bergamont
Evoil™ Spa Citrus
Evoil™ Spa Lavender
Evoil™ Spa Rosemary
Evoil™ Spa Tea Tree
Evoil™ Spa Ylang-Ylang



Natural Oils for Personal Care (PDF)


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Evoil™ - Catalogue (PDF)

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